Punctuality At 4-Year High

Continuing efforts to improve Aurigny’s punctuality and reliability has helped to deliver the airline’s best ‘on-time’ performance in four years.

Latest figures, for the third quarter of 2018, saw 81.3% of flights depart on-time (within 15 minutes), an increase of 9% on the previous year. The on-time performance increases to 88% when excluding weather-related delays. This performance, between 1st July and 30th September, is the best the airline has achieved since 2014, and is a result of the ongoing effort of staff across the airline to improve the punctuality and reliability of the service for customers. Overall, reliability stood at 97.3% across the network.

The London Gatwick route continues to deliver improved punctuality and performance figures following the successful introduction of Aurigny’s new Gatwick team. During this same period, over 75% of flights operated on-time (within 15 minutes), an improvement of 12% on the previous year. A vast majority of the delays at Gatwick were caused by factors outside the airline’s direct control, including restrictions on slots. Reliability on the Gatwick route was 99.6%, with just two cancelled flights during these three months.

Aurigny CEO Mark Darby said: “Everyone at Aurigny knows how important it is for our customers to get to their destination on time and without delay. We are always looking at ways we can improve our punctuality and reliability, and I’m delighted we’ve been able to deliver some of our best ever performance figures over the last three months.

It is a real testament to the enthusiasm, dedication and team work from everyone across the airline; from the ground staff, operations team and crew, to the engineers, airport staff and office staff. They have been working incredibly hard over the summer and without this collective commitment, these improvements would not have been possible.

Looking forward, we want to build on this performance and continue to deliver the high standards of service, punctuality and reliability that the community deserves. If we can do that, it can only help us to attract new passengers to the airline and visitors to the islands.

Finally, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers who have helped us to reach these standards by turning up on time and ensuring we can depart on schedule. Of course, there will always be occasions when we do face delay, such as during adverse weather, and we appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding during those times. We are always looking at ways we can combat adverse weather, and we believe our proposed purchase of new ATR72-600 aircraft will not only be more technically reliable, but with ClearVision technology, can make a significant difference in fog and poor visibility.”