New Fares to launch

Aurigny is pleased to announce that its new fares structure will be introduced in seven days’ time, on Thursday 26th April, to give customers the ability to buy tickets that best fit their needs.

Under Aurigny’s new fares structure, customers will be able to save with a new, lower hand baggage only ticket, and there are two other fare options which feature great value extras to give customer more flexibility and choice.

Customers are also able to add a range of extras to their ticket, at any time, including extra hold baggage and a choice of seat.

There will be three main fares available on the new website:

It is important to note, customers who have already booked their flights will not be affected in any way by these changes. Only bookings made after the launch and using the new fare types will be subject to the new structure.

Aurigny Commercial Director Malcolm Coupar said: “We would like to thank all our customers for their patience ahead of this much-anticipated launch. We know many people have been eagerly awaiting the new fares and the hand luggage-only option and we are pleased we are now able to go live next week, without any further delay.

“We’d also like to thank customers for their feedback since the new website has gone live. This has helped to ensure that the move from the old website has gone smoothly and that any teething problems have been addressed.

“The new website and new fares is a key step forward for the airline, and importantly, it offers customer far more choice and flexibility with their travel plans.”

It is important to remember that ahead of the switch people can still make bookings as normal and their flights will not be affected by the changes.

NOTE: The new fares are not being introduced on any Alderney, Southampton, Dinard or Grenoble services, or on “through” fares.