Mass 'Golden Ticket' Hunt

Twelve-year-old Olivia Harrison hunted down Aurigny’s first ‘Golden Ticket’ during a mass public treasure hunt on Saturday (9th June).

Olivia and her family were among the many families and groups who tackled a series of clues to try to track down the mystery location of the Golden Ticket. The Ticket was found in a high crevice in the wall of Prisoners’ Walk at Castle Cornet.

It was the first of five Golden Tickets that will be hidden in different locations around the Bailiwick this summer, each contain a pair of return tickets on the Aurigny network.

Olivia said she was planning to use the two tickets to go shopping in the UK, probably with her mother.

“It was a bit of fun and we thought of it as family time,” she said. “It was under an arch in a small gap wedged between two rocks. It was good fun, and tiring.”

Clues were initially given on the Aurigny Facebook page to lead people to Castle Cornet. When they reached the castle, an Aurigny team handed out a treasure trail to take them around the castle and solve a series of six challenges.

At 3pm, all the team who completed the challenges, were given one final clue to try to locate the Golden Ticket somewhere in the castle. This clue was the phrase “Up high but in the dark”.

Olivia’s mum Nikki Harrison said the family had arrived at the castle early, after one of the first Facebook clues, but could not see any sign of the hunt. Then they dashed back and found the Aurigny team.

Olivia said it took her family about half an hour to solve all the challenges around Castle Cornet, to get the final clue.

Aurigny would like to thank staff at Castle Cornet for allowing the airline to use the castle for the inaugural hunt, a perfect location to hide the first Golden Ticket. A particular thanks to Jo Dowding, Access and Learning Manager at Guernsey Museums, for her support.

Aurigny will now be teaming up with the North Show, West Show and Alderney Week to hide three of the other Golden Tickets in mystery locations during these major summer events. The other Golden Ticket will be in another secret hiding spot.

The Golden Tickets are the latest in a series of community events and competitions being held this year, to celebrate Aurigny’s 50th anniversary.

Aurigny PR manager Paul Ainsworth said: “We’d like to thank everyone who took part in Saturday’s Golden Ticket hunt. We were amazed by how quickly people solved the Facebook clues and the challenges around the castle.

“A big congratulations to Olivia and her family for winning the first ticket.

“There’s still four tickets still to be found, and dates for these hunts will be confirmed soon.”