Joey Gets Ready For New Home

Aurigny's iconic Trislander G-JOEY has returned to its vintage livery ahead of the much-anticipated move to a new home at Oatlands Village.

Aurigny engineers have been giving the aircraft the retro revamp, with Guernsey-based Sign Solutions Ltd fitting the classic logo and Alderney lion.

G-JOEY will be move into a new play barn being constructed at Oatlands, and will be suspended from a specially engineered steel structure in the roof of the play barn. We understand that the owners have engaged specialist engineers who have dealt with suspending aircraft at IWM Duxford and elsewhere.

The move to the new home is due to take place in the coming weeks.

Aurigny’s Technical Director John-Paul Williams said the airline wanted to make sure G-JOEY was looking its best before leaving the hangar and going on public display.

“We have made sure G-JOEY is looking his best and restored to his former glory. We really look forward to seeing G-JOEY going on public display here in Guernsey, so local residents and visitors can see the much-loved aircraft and learn more about his proud history and association with the airline,” he said. “G-JOEY has always been such an iconic and popular aircraft, not only in the Channel Islands, but across the UK and further around the world. This really will be great attraction for Guernsey and we look forward to seeing G-JOEY take pride of place at Joey World.”

The aircraft was retired from service in 2015, after serving the islands, Southampton and Dinard for almost 40 years.