Hunt for the Golden Tickets

Aurigny is launching its very own version of “Willy Wonka” by hiding five Golden Tickets in locations across the islands.

The Golden Tickets could be hidden anywhere in the Bailiwick and each contain a pair of Return Tickets on the Aurigny network. Each of the tickets will be hidden of different days throughout the summer, with clues given to the public on the Aurigny Facebook page and near to where the tickets are hidden.

The Golden Tickets are the latest in a series of community events and competitions being held this year, to celebrate Aurigny’s 50th anniversary.

The first Golden Ticket Hunt is due to take place this Saturday afternoon (9th June), so keep an eye on Aurigny’s Facebook page for the first of the clues. The location for this ticket will be kept a complete secret until the day.

Aurigny has also teamed up with the North Show, West Show and Alderney Week to hide three of the other Golden Tickets in mystery locations during these major summer events. The other Golden Ticket will be in another secret hiding spot.

Aurigny’s PR manager Paul Ainsworth said: “We wanted to do something extra special this year to celebrate our 50th anniversary and this seemed like a great way to get the whole community involved. These tickets could be hidden anywhere. There are so many great locations.

“Of course, we’ll let the public know when each of the Golden Ticket Hunts is taking place and all they have to do is follow the clues that we give on the day.

“The first Hunt is taking place this Saturday afternoon, and we’ve found the perfect hiding spot. Who knows, you could have walked past it this week and not realised. It could be near your home, or your work. You could be just metres away right now, you never know.”

The Golden Ticket Hunt is open to people of all ages, but children must be accompanied by adults. To make sure you have the latest news on the Golden Tickets, keep an eye on the Aurigny Facebook page.

Aurigny is also organising a number of other events this year for its 50th anniversary celebrations. These include this month’s Great Aircraft Pull, one-off European Day Trips and a Primary Schools Design Competition.