G-Joey Hits the Road

It was a rare sight along the Town Seafront as Aurigny’s iconic Trislander G-JOEY headed to his new home at Oatlands.

Joey, on the back of a trailer, turned plenty of heads as he made his way from Aurigny’s Hangar (10th April 2018), through St Martin’s, down the Le Val des Terres and then along the Seafront, as part of his final journey. Bob Froome and Sons Ltd provided the transport and a special escort was given for the trip. Oatlands Lane was also closed during the pre-planned operation.

Due to the size of Joey, he had to be taken to Oatlands in two trips. Firstly, the wings and engine were transported that morning. Then the fuselage, with the distinctive Joey face, head out on the roads in the afternoon.

Joey was then move into the new play barn being constructed at Oatlands, where the wings and engines will be reattached. In the coming weeks Joey will be raised and suspended from a specially engineered steel structure in the roof of the play barn. The owners have engaged specialist engineers who have dealt with suspending aircraft at IWM Duxford and elsewhere.

Members of the public should then be able to visit Joey when the play barn opens later this summer.

Aurigny’s Technical Director John-Paul Williams said: “There was a lot of planning involved in this move to make sure that Joey arrived at Oatlands safe and sound. The wings and engines had to be transported separately so we could negotiate the local roads and get him there in one piece. I’m sure members of the public had a bit of a surprise when they saw Joey heading down Val des Terres and through the Seafront. It not every day you see one of our aircraft on the road. The public would also have had the chance to see Joey’s new vintage livery as he went passed.”

Before the move, Aurigny engineers gave the iconic Trislander a retro revamp, with Guernsey-based Sign Solutions Ltd fitting the classic logo and Alderney lion.

The aircraft was retired from service in 2015, after serving the islands, Southampton and Dinard for almost 40 years.