Fly multicity with Aurigny

Here at Aurigny we are constantly reviewing our customer feedback from your post booking & flight surveys. A number of our customers have been asking for the option to book into one airport and out of another as a return booking, rather than two one-ways. In truth this is something that we've had on the new website since it's launch, but perhaps we could have done a better job at making it more obvious. Previously the button for this was listed as "Multi" on the homepage, but not many of our customers were using it. We've now tried and tested new wording, a slightly changed layout, and we pleased to say that significantly more people are now using the new button.

If you've not used it already, or are not clear on which new button we are talking about, here is a handy guide how to book into one airport and out of another on our website.

Step 1: 

This is the homepage you will see when you visit our website. The default option which shows in Blue is for a Return flight (Same Airport)

Step 2: If you want to fly into one airport and out of another, then simply select the button next to it which says RETURN (OTHER AIRPORT). The screen will then drop down to give you 4 boxes.   

Step 3: First select your outbound flights, then choose your dates of travel (out and back) and then select the different airport you want to return from. Finally select the number of passengers and click Find Flights.