Changes to protect customers

26 March 2020

Aurigny update – changes to protect customers and crew

To ensure the optimum well-being of its customers and crew on the few remaining lifeline flights, Aurigny have put in further distancing measures.

Last week we ceased cabin services to avoid any unnecessary contact and now in an aim to increase safety we have stopped online check-in and introduced a distancing seating plan for flights.

The measures to provide greater separation to customers mean that numbers of seats we will sell on each flight are now capped to 32 on our 72 seat ATR Aircraft and 7 on our 19 seat Dornier aircraft. To facilitate this properly all passengers will be pre-seated, and each individual will have to check-in at the Aurigny airport desk. We have put measures in place to space passengers in queues for check-in desks to maintain social separation.

Whilst there may still be a few flights with more passengers on due to existing bookings, these measures are now introduced with immediate effect and it is hoped this will provide further reassurance to our customers who are required to travel for essential purposes.

As ever, our main priority during this time is the well-being and safety of our customers and crew, we would like to thank everyone for their understanding and patience and our staff for their hard work and commitment in extraordinary circumstances.