Alderney Golden Ticket hunt

Comic book creator Peter Kissick was quickest off the mark to find the Aurigny ‘Golden Ticket’ hidden in Alderney today.
The author and creator of the Alderney Man comics uncovered the Ticket within a tyre planter at the Peace Garden, just a short walk from the main Alderney Week attractions at the Butes. 
It is just one is a series of Aurigny Golden Tickets being hidden in different locations around the Bailiwick this summer, each containing a pair of return Aurigny tickets.
Peter, who now lives in the UK, was visiting family and friends for Alderney Week and said he would probably give the tickets to his parents, for when they visit him for his 30th birthday.
A series of clues were given on the Aurigny Facebook page to get people to the Butes and then a final clue was given to take participants to the Peace Garden.
He joked that ‘hunting instinct ‘made him find the Ticket in the tyres. He also had the advantage of wearing trainers, rather than the flip flops that some participants were wearing.
“I sprinted down the hill as fast as humanly possible,’ he said.