Aurigny SkySnacks

Excellent onboard service

Aurigny is pleased to provide a friendly in-flight service. Our SkySnacks menu has a selection of tasty treats, high quality hot and cold drinks and a great range alcoholic beverages, all available for purchase. We also offer fantastic combo deals to save you money onboard. 

Hot Drinks

Any Hot Drink and Muffin or Breakfast Bar
Nescafe White or Black Coffee
Nescafe Cappuccino
Nescafe Latte
Aero Hot Chocolate
Tetley's English Breakfast Tea

Bar Drinks

Mini Cheddars, Pretzels or Pringles and a Beer, Cider or Wine
Beer and Cider
£4 or two for £7
Red, White and Rose Wine
£4 or two for £7
£6 or two for £10
Wide selection of Spirits
£4 or two spirits and two mixers for £9

Updated March 2018, prices and products subject to change.