Holidays in Alderney

Why not escape for a weekend trip to Alderney. A Holiday in Alderney is the perfect remedy to ease some of the pressures of the credit crunch and life in the city.


Aurigny offer the best deals on cheap flights to Alderney

We are dedicated to serving the people of the islands, and those visiting the islands on holiday. We provide frequent services at good value fares, and offer the most reliable services possible. With over 40 years experience as being the number one Guernsey airline, it makes perfect sense to book flights us and make Aurigny part of your holiday in Alderney.

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Alderney is a beautiful member of the Channel Islands and offers a rich history stretching back over a thousand years to explore for your holiday. Alderney is a crown dependency of the United Kingdom and lies off the cost of Normandy, France. The history of Alderney includes iron age, bronze age and Roman archeology and is the perfect place to explore, unwind and enjoy your holiday.

Holiday in Alderney and enjoy the longest sunshine hours in Britain

The climate in Alderney is temperate with mild winters and cool summers. The average annual temperature is similar to the South Coast of England while the mean annual total sunshine of 1918 hours is higher than anywhere in the United Kingdom.] The terrain consists of a plateau sloping from long sandy bays in the south to rugged cliffs in the north. The plateau is cut by valleys running generally north-south. Alderney offers one of the best holidays in the United Kingdom.

Visit Alderney on your holiday

With the fantastic deals offered by Aurigny Air Services why not make Alderney your choice for a holiday this year. Escape the credit crunch and unwind on a beautiful Alderney beach. Its a stones throw from Britain and Aurigny offer cheap flights both to and from Alderney, so book your holiday today.

If you are looking for holidays in Alderney, then look no further than Aurigny Air Services to deliver you safely and in comfort to the destination of your choice. Enjoy your holiday!

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Find out more about holidays in Alderney and other news updates in our Aurigny News section.

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