Unaccompanied Young Passengers

Unaccompanied children

Aurigny are not able to carry unaccompanied children (aged 0-13 years) on any services, apart from direct flights between Alderney-Guernsey where unaccompanied children from 8 year upwards can be accepted.

This is to ensure the safety and welfare of the travelling child in the event of a diversion and/or overnight stop. 

Youths aged 14 & 15

Youths aged 14 & 15 can travel unaccompanied and may be booked online. Each Youth must have his/her own photo ID. A parent/guardian must agree a disclaimer on our website acknowledging the young person can take care of themselves during any delays and disruption, including unexpected overnight diversions. Additionally the young passenger must have the unaccompanied young passenger consent form, fully completed, signed and attached to a copy of the parent/guardians passport, with them at all times.  If they do not they are not able to take care of themselves or do not have the consent form when travelling they will be refused carriage and no refund of their flight ticket will be made.  Youth's may not act as an escort for children 13 and under.

Unaccompanied Young Passenger Consent form.pdf

Child Companion Fares - withdrawn on the 3oth July 2021.