Double Your Trip - Credit Voucher Draw

This week's draw has taken place

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Congratulations to all our winners. Further details below:

The first draw has taken place

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Congratulations to all our winners. Further details below:

Aurigny's double your credit voucher weekly draw

Aurigny has launched a ‘double’ your credit voucher draw to thank customers who have already accepted vouchers and to encourage regular users of their services to continue supporting the airline by accepting vouchers for cancelled flights instead of asking for refunds during these extraordinary times.  

Individual credit voucher numbers issued since the 12th of March 2020 (the date the States of Guernsey advised against all but essential travel) will be entered into a prize draw and several winning vouchers will be randomly selected. The holders of these vouchers will be eligible for a further voucher to the same monetary value, meaning they can plan additional trips and flights after the crisis has passed.  

Depending on when your voucher is issued, you will be entered into one of two prize draw periods, both consisting of 7 (weekly) prize draws. 

The first draw period for credit voucher numbers issued between 12 Mar – 14 May 2020 will take place on Friday 15th of May 2020 and run weekly until Friday 26th June 2020 inclusive.

All requests for credit vouchers received between the 15th May 2020 and the 31st May 2020 will be issued between Friday 15th May & Thursday 2nd July 2020 and will be included in a second draw period that will take place on Friday 3rd July and run weekly until Friday 14th August 2020 inclusive. 

Mark Darby, CEO of Aurigny, said: “Like other airlines we have been greatly affected by the Coronavirus and while we are offering refunds for cancelled flights, we hope that our customers will choose to accept vouchers for cancelled flights and in doing so help support  their community airline.” 

The draw videos will be posted on YouTube and Facebook in addition to winning numbers and amounts being published on Facebook and the Aurigny website on the day

Current winners

Voucher Number Value
3700021958 £138.98
3700017195 £263.96
3700020919 £32.99
3700013161 £92.48
3700018261 £253.96
3700018710 £99.98
3700023290 £13.65
3700017244 £118.98
3700015466 £121.98

Winning voucher holders are requested to email [email protected] to claim their additional voucher.

For full terms and conditions, please visit our terms and conditions section