Coronavirus (COVID 19) - Advice to passengers

Through the Emergency Powers (Coronavirus) (General Provision) (Bailiwick of Guernsey) (No. 3) Regulations, 2020, the Civil Contingencies Authority has imposed a requirement on all persons arriving in the Bailiwick from anywhere in the world to self-isolate for 14 days on arrival. This is a legal requirement, and failure to comply is a criminal offence. In your 14 days of mandatory isolation, you must not leave your accommodation and you must not leave the Island.

Please note that there will be a 7-day mandatory self-isolation trial period for those arriving into Guernsey between 5-10th July 2020 via Condor and Aurigny only. Those who take part in this trial must adhere to the following: For days 1-7, you must not leave your accommodation and you must not leave the Island. Once you have received your negative COVID-19 test, during days 8-14 you are under passive surveillance (details below). This means that you must not leave the Island until after day 14 of arriving.

Your Safer Aurigny Experience

Face mask requirements

From Monday 8th June, it is required that a medical grade mask (complying with european standards en14683:2014) must be worn by all passengers (aged 6 years and over) when travelling on all Aurigny aircraft, on any route. See the States of Guernsey's travel advice for full details. Information is also available on the States' Facebook page. Passengers should bring their own masks wherever possible as we are not able to guarantee airport supplies at all airports -Aurigny/States of Guernsey Statement.  Face coverings are not suitable. Any passenger (aged 6 years and over) without a mask will be refused travel.

Example 2/3 or 4 ply Mask 

The Information below concerns flights that have been cancelled by Aurigny. Tickets booked since the restrictions on essential travel came into effect for travel on the Southampton lifeline links are subject to normal terms and conditions of the ticket - change fees and fare differences are payable, and tickets are non-refundable (except Flexible tickets).

Flight bookings before 1 September 2020

The ban on non-essential travel to/from the Bailiwick (Guernsey & Alderney only - Sark and Herm remain closed to non Bailiwick residents) has been lifted and passengers may book online. However, on arrival in Guernsey you will be required to complete a landing form and you are required to self-isolate for 14 days immediately on arrival. Guidance on this will be provided by the Border Control Officers who are meeting each flight. Exemptions exist for some ‘essential key workers’.

Following latest advice all services to/from Guernsey until 31 August 2020 are now cancelled – with the exception of the weekday service between Guernsey and Southampton, and a limited service between Guernsey and Alderney.
If you have a reservation to travel you will receive a notification by email and/or text message (or via your travel booker if not booked directly with Aurigny). You have the option to change your booking to a future date without incurring any change of booking fees (any fare differences will apply) or cancel your booking online and obtain a credit voucher for the fare paid along with any return flights in the same booking. Y
Please go to and enter your booking reference and surname.

If you wish to change to another date on the same route please select the “re-book” option which will enable you to do this without incurring change of booking fees, though any differences in fares may apply. If you wish to change route please call our reservations team.
Please note that monetary refunds may take up to three months to process due to the sheer volume of requests we are managing. If you made your booking through a travel booker, please contact them to request a change or cancellation. All changes, cancellations and refund requests, will only qualify if completed before your flight is due to depart.
Please note that flight changes and refunds are not available through our call centre. 

Flight bookings after 31 August 2020

We are guided by the latest travel advice and government restrictions which mean that our services are monitored regularly, and it is probable there will be significant cancellations for the foreseeable future. Currently on arrival in Guernsey you will be required to complete a landing form and you are required to self-isolate for 14 days immediately on arrival. If you are already booked to fly with Aurigny you may wish to cancel now and make a claim on your travel insurance, change your flights for future dates, or you may wait for further updates concerning your flight. Any cancellations are advised by email/text message. 

However, we do know that many of our customers take connecting flights and that some of these are now being cancelled. Onward cruises/holidays may also be cancelled and there is an increasing list of destinations with travel restrictions. 

Having taken advice, Aurigny is issuing the following guidelines for its customers in line with similar airlines and the rest of the industry affected at this time.  

  1. If you have flights booked but your onward holiday/connecting flight cancelled 
  2. If the destination your onward travel is to has now been added to the restricted list 
  3. If you or a member of your travelling group is in self-isolation and is no longer able to travel or has tested positive for Coronavirus and is unable to travel 
  4. If you are concerned about travelling at this time due to an ongoing medical condition or because you feel you may be in the ‘vulnerable’ group and no longer wish to travel 
  5. If you no longer wish to travel in this current climate  

If for any of the above reasons you wish to change or cancel your Aurigny booking, normal change and cancellation fees will apply in accordance with the ticket type purchased.

If Aurigny has changed your booked flight/schedule you will have received an email offering you an alternative flight.
If you are able to use this new flight you can avoid calling us by logging into the “Manage” section on our website using your booking reference and passenger name and accepting the change.
If you are not able to access our website please call us on 01481 267267 to confirm your acceptance.

Should you have any further enquiry, then please contact our customer services team, but please be patient at this very busy time.
We are monitoring the guidance provided by the States of Guernsey, the UK government and the World Health Organisation (WHO) and EASA and as a result, may update this advice from time to time as the Coronavirus COVID-19 situation develops.

Thank you for your understanding.

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