Isle of Man

Welcome to The Isle of Man

Sometimes the best discoveries are right under your nose...welcome to the Isle of Man.

A seabound kingdom where the wonders of coastline and countryside, sea and shore, meet within a matter of minutes. Situated between England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales is where you'll find the Isle of Man. It's a place full of colour, contrasts and character, where landscapes are carved from pure imagination and the history is rich.

We invite you to join us, carving out your own path as you discover your extraordinary #IOMstory.

Visiting Isle of Man

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Flights to the Isle of Man

Aurigny are offering a unique airbridge between Guernsey and the Isle of Man (no quarantine requirements on either side) between Wednesday 22 July 2020 and Sunday 30 August 2020.


GR706 Departs Guernsey at 12:00 Arrives in Isle of Man at 13:40
GR707 Departs Isle of Man at 14:10 Arrives in Guernsey at 15:50


GR710 Departs Guernsey at 16:50 Arrives in Isle of Man at 18:30
GR711 Departs Isle of Man at 19:00 Arrives in Guernsey at 20:40

Look ahead, Book ahead

Planning pays off. Did you know passengers who booked 30 days or more in advance over the past year saved 25% on average compared to the average fare.

Timetables to Isle of Man