Your Safer Aurigny Experience

At Aurigny, we have been working hard to ensure your journey is as safe as possible, allowing you to fly with confidence.

To keep our passengers protected, we have updated our flying experience and we have put together everything you need to know before you travel with us, below.

Key Changes

On Thursday 15 October, the Civil Contingencies Authority (CCA) announced a number of changes to Phase 5c of the Exit from Lockdown Framework, following modelling and recommendations from Public Health and the Scientific and Technical Advisory Cell based on the current circumstance and trends. 

Phase 5c sees the introduction of testing on arrival for the vast majority of travellers coming into the Bailiwick and four category groups for countries and regions - Categories 1-4. We are aware that introducing new terms can cause confusion, especially as other jurisdictions each have their own set of phrases relating to their COVID responses. However, as Phase 5c will see four categories rather than the current three, we have decided to bring in the new terms rather than redefining our existing terms which in practice would have been more likely to cause confusion.

Phase 5c will come into effect on Wednesday 28 October. Everyone arriving into the Bailiwick from Wednesday 28 October, including private vessels and aircraft, will need to register their journey on the Travel Tracker. Critical workers, business tunnel travellers and those who have had a medical or compassionate permit approved will also have to register their journey on the Travel Tracker. If you are arriving on either 26th or 27th October, this does not apply to you and you will not have to register on the Travel Tracker. See here for full details.

Find out more information about the Travel Tracker, and to create your account, please click here.

There are a few key measures which may impact your travel. You can find further information about these key points below in the FAQ section. If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Aurigny Assurance

Because of the continuing uncertainty over travel, both to and from Guernsey as well as the frequent changes in the COVID-19 status of other destinations causing changes to our customer’s travel plans, we have introduced a “Book with confidence” scheme that will enable our customers to cancel their bookings and receive a travel voucher for future use, regardless of the reason for cancellation. This applies to all existing and new bookings made up to 31st March 2021 for any travel date after 12th March 2020, until 31st December 2021. Credit voucher requests must be made at last 2 days prior to departure.

Your Safer Aurigny Experience

We know that keeping on top of all these new regulations can be confusing, so we have created this short video to introduce your safer Aurigny experience: