Flights to Jersey with Aurigny Air Services

Aurigny Air Services offer great deals on flights to Jersey, and a fantastic service to match. With over 40 years experience as a leading Channel Islands airline, it makes sense to book a flight to Jersey with us. Book with us and relax safe in the knowledge that your holiday in Jersey will be a smooth and pleasant experience, and all you need to do is relax and explore the wonders of Jersey.


Aurigny Air Services offer great flights to Jersey

Aurigny Air Services are proud of the fact that we offer a fantastic service with our flights to Jersey. We are a Guernsey airline with a rich history in offering flights both to and from Jersey, and delivering a fantastic service that ensures our customers keep coming back. If its a flight to Jersey you require then look no further than Aurigny Air Services.

Fly to Jersey

Jersey is the most southerly of the Channel Islands, and is a crown dependency. Sitting 27 miles to the south east of Guernsey, and 100 miles from the south coast of England, Jersey is a great place to visit during your holidays. Jersey shares a rich history along with the other Channel Islands and makes up a fascinating part of history for the United Kingdom.

Visit Jersey on your holiday

Jersey is such a beautiful place to visit, and with the flights as regular as Aurigny Air Services offer there's only one question to ask yourself.. What are you waiting for? Jersey is only a small island with a population of around 91,533 people, and is similar to the other islands in that it has sheer cliffs broken by stretches of sandy beach and dunes. For such a small island there's a lot to explore in Jersey, and being so close to the other channel islands makes a holiday in Jersey a rewarding experience.

Why are our flights to Jersey so good?

Aurigny Air Services are based in the Channel Islands, and have been offering flights to and from Jersey for over 40 years. We believe in giving our customers the best possible service, and that means keeping flights as cheap as possible. A recent survey showed that Aurigny Air Services came top in a poll for offering the best customer service, and we are proud to show that we can do this by keeping our prices low. Why pay more for a lesser service, when you can get a fantastic service from Aurigny Air Services at a cheaper price. Find out for yourselves what makes us the best deal for a flight to Jersey.

So if you are looking for a flight to Jersey, then look no further than Aurigny Air Services to deliver you safely and in comfort to the destination of your choice. Enjoy your holiday!

Find out more about flights to Jersey and other news updates in our Aurigny News section.

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