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Candidates looking to apply to the following roles are asked to apply by CV and a cover letter sent to Odgers Berndtson directly, addressing your personal interest in the role and how your experience supports you to fulfil the skills required

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Chief Financial Officer Apply Below

Reporting and Management Structure:

The role of CFO is a board appointment for Aurigny. The role reports to Nico Bezuidenhout, Chief Executive Officer.

The CFO will have direct responsibility for a finance and accounting team, headed up by a Financial Controller, and for the company’s IT function headed up by an IT Manager. The CFO has additional responsibility for managing business risks and acting in the capacity of Secretary of the company.


The role is based at Aurigny’s offices at Guernsey Airport in the Channel Islands.

Reasons for recruiting:

The current CFO, who has been in place since 2017, is retiring.

Principal Activities and Accountabilities:

The CFO will assume responsibility for the key functions of:

  • financial reporting
  • business analysis and forecasting
  • liaison with the company’s owner, the States of Guernsey
  • management of financial relationships (internal and external)
  • information technology, cyber security and data protection
  • managing business risk


The CFO is a member of the Senior Leadership Team and has a major role to play in delivering the strategic direction of the business, and in leadership of its commercial and operational activities.

Key objectives:

Key objectives of the post holder will be to:

  • maintain a strong financial reporting, planning and control environment; it is anticipated that Aurigny will enhance its business planning and forecasting capability with introduction of new technology in the coming months
  • work closely with the CEO to enhance business performance
  • enhance business effectiveness through facilitating and enabling Board decision-making
  • ensure effective financing strategies are in place to optimise company performance within quantified and agreed levels of risk
  • with the IT Manager ensure the business retains a commercial edge through the development and use of appropriate IT/IS within a disciplined governance controls framework
  • maintain a strategic overview of operations but be prepared to become operationally involved as necessary
  • continually strengthen the finance and IT teams to meet the company’s needs as it evolves

Specific Responsibilities:

The key responsibilities of the role are:

  • be fully accountable for all aspects of the company’s financial operations, ensuring appropriate financial processes and controls are in place and that the shareholder is comfortable with the company’s financial operations and strategy
  • take responsibility for external relationships with the shareholder, auditor, tax advisor, insurers, hedging counterparties and legal advisors
  • liaise with the Chair of the Audit Committee
  • take the lead on IT, data protection, cyber security and data privacy
  • contribute broadly and provide leadership to the company’s commercial and operational activities


Areas where these responsibilities are focussed:


  • work with the CEO and Board to identify and develop the company’s strategic objectives
  • implement disciplined procedures to evaluate with accuracy the opportunities and risks resulting from proposals
  • work with the CEO to deliver the strategic objectives set


Business Planning and Forecasting

  • with the CEO, agree operational and strategic plans setting out clearly defined, measurable objectives and actions
  • take responsibility for the quality and accuracy of financial analysis and modelling activity within the business
  • support the development of economic models (residing in an efficient and responsive environment) that will improve the company’s understanding of the economic drivers of the business


Financial reporting

  • review business processes to ensure that the economic control points have been identified and that the MIS systems effectively monitor them
  • develop, implement and maintain relevant information systems and processes including forecasts to measure performance against targets set
  • manage the relationship with external auditors (BDO) and tax advisors (KPMG)
  • manage the production of annual reports
  • present the annual financial operating plan to the Board and shareholder
  • present monthly and quarterly financial reports to the Board and shareholder
  • ensure tax reporting compliance



  • manage financial resources, particularly cash
  • review the company’s cash flow forecasts
  • assess and manage foreign currency risk
  • implement the Board’s hedging policies for jet fuel price and currency risk protection


Internal control procedures

  • ensure that appropriate and effective internal control procedures are maintained at all times
  • maintain ongoing review of the company’s contractual arrangements
  • ensure an effective internal audit environment is maintained



  • work with the Senior Leadership Team to set and achieve the operational performance targets set
  • develop a procurement strategy for the company
  • provide support to the IT Manager with respect to the company’s IT operations and strategy
  • provide support to the Head of HR in all areas including legal and contractual matters, compliance, and the provision of insured benefits and pension

Monitoring and managing business risk

  • take responsibility for compliance with the Risk Policy set by the Board
  • work with the CEO and Board to determine risk appetite
  • maintain effective reporting of principal business risks and uncertainties, reporting to the Board regularly
  • review and manage the company’s risk environment and ensure appropriate insurance cover is in place to protect quantified risk
  • monitor hedge counter-party risk via due diligence
  • take responsibility for all aspects of the company’s insurance programme


Corporate governance

  • implement the Board’s ESG objectives
  • advise the Board on developments in corporate governance


Finance and IT teams

  • review the structure of the Finance and IT teams to enable them to meet the objectives of the business
  • set out job specifications, objectives and performance targets for all staff and ensure appraisal takes place using the company’s performance management systems
  • take responsibility for succession planning within the finance, accounting and IT teams ensuring adequate procedures are in place to recruit, retain and develop relevant financial skills and expertise


Shareholders and stakeholders

  • take responsibility (with the CEO) for the company’s relationships with the shareholder (STSB), States Treasury, bankers, lessors, lenders, and other financial relationships (internal & external)
  • ensure timely provision of reports to the shareholder and respond to shareholder requests for financial information  


Cyber security and data protection

  • with support from the IT Manager, take responsibility for ensuring that appropriate cyber security measures are maintained across the business
  • ensure compliance with Data Protection best practice and legislation


Company secretarial

  • take responsibility for all aspects of company secretarial matters
  • co-ordinate and circulate the Board meeting agenda
  • take Board minutes
  • oversee maintenance of statutory registers and file statutory returns

Qualifications and experience:


  • recognised accounting qualification (ACA, ACMA, ACCA or equivalent)
  • excellent knowledge of management and financial accounting techniques with the capability to design and produce timely, accurate management reports, forecast, budgets and strategic financial plans, with a demonstrably successful career in corporate reporting and financial analysis roles
  • proven track record as a competent financial manager operating at Board level and having successful, collaborative and outcomes in delivering shareholders’ objectives
  • experience of aviation sectors is preferable but not essential
  • previous success with strengthening finance/business processes and predictable, good quality forecasts and information, with a particular emphasis on the shareholder relationship
  • prior experience of reviewing and improving internal control procedures
  • proven track record of strong competence in working with, and delivering on, shareholders objectives
  • experience of managing key stakeholder relationships
  • experience of asset finance, hedging and treasury
  • strong appreciation of the effective use of IT in business
  • broad understanding of managing an IT operating environment
  • sound knowledge of data protection legislation and its practical application
  • sound knowledge of cyber security principles
  • sound knowledge of implementing good corporate governance appropriate for a state-owned entity and akin to that used by premium listed LSE entities
  • while not essential, a broad and well-informed understanding of the safety and regulatory framework and SMS operating within the aviation industry
  • awareness of company secretarial duties and with general administrative issues

Personal characteristics:


  • high quality intellect, with excellent communication and interpersonal skills, able to relate well with others, command respect and have the personality to create and maintain an impact on the business
  • highly numerate, with required technical ability, professional integrity and have the personality to interpret and communicate financial information for the Aurigny Board
  • credible and persuasive at Aurigny Board level coupled with an inner toughness of purpose and direction
  • ability to challenge the status quo and encourage improvement across a wide range of issues
  • broad and well-informed commercial understanding and an ability to contribute to the leadership of and add value to the business as a whole

Candidates looking to apply to the following roles are asked to apply by CV and a cover letter sent to Odgers Berndtson directly, addressing your personal interest in the role and how your experience supports you to fulfil the skills required


Please note that in the interests of efficiency, applications that do not meet the above criteria will not be retained, other than applications from locally resident applicants who anticipate gaining the necessary qualifications.